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Knife Gate Valves

M Series Knife Gate Valves,Knife Gate Valves Supplier India

Regent has developed a range of special design knife gate valves with the help of its dedicated and technical professional team.

Regent knife gate valves M-series is a step forward in the direction which enhances customer’s profitability and satisfaction due to reduced costs.

  • Knife gate valves is one of the few application-specific designs among industrial valves. It basically features a design that ensures minimum contact between moving parts of the valves. This is achieved by having a gate that is practically held between layers of gland packing without touching the body parts during most of its travels.
  • The seating itself is accomplished with a non-sliding motion aided by jams located in the body. Avoiding sliding contact between gate and body permits this valve to handle abrasive particles present in the media much better than conventional designs.
  • Another feature is the bevelled bottom edge of the gate (from which it derives the ‘knife’ in its name) which allows positive closure of the gate even when solid particles settles at the bottom of the body.
  • In handling abrasive media, deflection cones are generally used in order to avoid direct impingement of the media on the seat surface; hard facing of seat part is also sometimes used which involves stelliting of the seat or gate or complete intruding of body and gate.
  • Another feature is the purge connection which let in suitable fluids at pressures higher than line pressure to clean seating surfaces (body purges) and packing area (chest purges). This minimises abrasive wear and tear during opening and closure of valve.
Knife gate valves are excellent hopper isolation valves with their ability to cut through flowing powders and close by dislodging any material in the seating area. This is also perhaps the only valve design which can tolerate differential thermal expansion of its parts without affecting its functions, thus making an ideal choice for handling high temperature media

Knife Gate Valves are used in a variety of applications such as:
Pulp and Paper Stock Lines
On-Off & Control Applications
Slurry Lines
Thermal Power Plants, Mining, Collieries.
Sludge and viscous media handling
Sewage and Waste Water Treatment, Chemical Sludges, Sticky Media Molasses.
Dry Solid and Powder Handling
Hopper isolation valves, Pneumatic conveying systems, polymer chips handling, Weighing & batching systems, Dryers; Coal burner valves to NFPA-8503 specifications.
High Temperature Gas Lines
Carbon Black Plants.

  • Pulp & Paper Industries
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Sugar Mills
  • Textiles Industries
  • Sewage Plants
M Series knife gate valves Manufacturers

K Series Knife Gate Valves,Lightweight Knife Gate Valves

Sludges, Slurries, Powders, problems fluids that challenge today’s pulp and paper, chemical, textile, sewage plants, power plats and sugar mills. REGENT meets this challenge by refining the K-Series Knife Gate Valve. A precision-buffed knife plate cuts even the heaviest sludges, sharply and without erosion. One-piece trim provides corrosion-resistant, high-performance shut-off over a long service life. REGENT compact, lightweight Knife Gate Valves have been handling industry’s problem fluids dependable for many years. Perhaps it’s time they handled your...

K Series Knife Gate Valves SuppliersAPPLICATIONS
Regent has refined the time-proven knife gate design
  • Tough, No-corrosive trims The stainless steel inner body is welded to the cast iron gland. The gland’s poly-vinyl chloride coating provides maximum resistance to corrosion and wear.
  • The stainless steel knife plate is precious-buffed for tight shut-off. Its knife-like edge cuts off and shuts off even heavy or high-viscous fluids.
  • A choice of three different seat rings In addition to the standard stainless steel seat ring, rubber and Teflon seat rings are available as options. Choose the one best for your fluid control requirements.
  • Plane value seat to resist build-up The plane surface of the value seat has no recesses to harbour heavy fluid deposits that could build up and swamp the value.
  • Leaktight multilayer gland packing The gland packing is Teflon-impregnated asbestos or vegetable yarn layered with moulded silicon rubber. This chemical-resistant packing provides total sealing.
  • Bosses for positive seating Two bosses are welded to the value seat. These press knife plate snugly against the side of the seat ring for bubble-tight shut-off.
  • Smooth handwheel opening / closing The double-thread screw on the stem makes opening / closing smooth and speedy.

Knife Gate Valves Manufacturer, S Series Knife Gate Valves

We manufacture a series of special design knife gate valves as the team of highly-qualified professional helps us immensely for the task of manufacturing. Our S-Series knife gate valves is sure to augment our customer’s profitability and leave them in total satisfaction.

Body: complete in investment casting Stainless steel (cf8/cf8m), ss317/316l/317l/310 and cast steel. Other also available as specials.

Gate: stainless steel (304/316/316l/317) as standard, other grades available as specials.

Size: 50 mm to 600 mm for standard range, higher size upto 1200 mm as specials.

Design: face-to-face dimensions and valve port id conform to mss sp-81.

  • Pulp & Paper Industries
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Sugar Mills
  • Textiles Industries
  • Sewage Plants
S Series Knife Gate Valves Manufacturers

knife gate valves manufacturers

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